Make a change

Bicycles for the people of Tofo

We are committed to making a sustainable difference in the communities in which we operate. Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is woven into the very fabric of who we are.


Tofo Beach is the pearl of the Mozambique tourism industry. However, only a select few of the local people are employed. Many of the local people remain marginalised and trapped in poverty.

We hope that giving the people of Tofo increased mobility, access and independence, it will assist with increasing their quality of life. Bicycles are a highly efficient form of transport that incurs a powerful impact on the local economy and environment. A bicycle can provide more than transport – it offers opportunities and independence, and may reduce vulnerability.


You could be part of creating a better future for the people of Tofo by making a donation. The money raised will go towards purchasing bicycles for those in need.

Tofo Beach Accommodation and Mozambikes hereby give you, your family and friends the opportunity to donate towards bicycles to help uplift the local people of Tofo.

Your donation will contribute towards providing ten bicycles to the local people in Tofo, the transportation of the bicycles to Tofo, spare parts and accessories (LED light, pumps, tools and patch kits) complemented by basic training in bicycle care and maintenance.

Make a difference. Make a donation.