General information

Tofo is a great destination all year round!

Seasons and temperatures

Summer months are from October to March, with average daily temperatures of 30°C and a relative humidity of 80%. Rains are expected from late December through to February, but these are mostly tropical showers that last only part of the day.

Winter months are from April to September, with daily temperatures between 20 and 25°C, and humidity is low. June and July might experience an occasional rainfall here and there.


Internet cafes are available in Tofo and Inhambane. WiFi is mostly available at the restaurants and chill-out places. However, Tofo Beach Accommodation has installed free Wifi at casa Derika and Wifi facility with complimentary data at casa Isabel and casa Christine.


Bus transport and taxi commuting are available between Tofo and Inhambane, as well as from the Inhambane Airport.


There are banks in Inhambane. You can withdraw money and exchange your currency to Meticas at the petrol station approximately 4-kilometers from Tofo. The petrol station also has a convenience shop and a bakery.

Drivers and fishermen

If you like diving or deep-sea fishing, then we recommend avoiding February and August, as they are windy months.

Whales, White Sharks and Manta Rays

Humpback whales usually arrive around mid-June until mid-October. The Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are at Tofo all year round.


Serious crime is less of a problem than in South Africa, but you have to guard against petty theft, which is a direct result of the extreme poverty of the local inhabitants. Be particularly careful in crowded places and don’t leave valuable items or money lying around, especially in your car.


You are welcome to take photos, but refrain from taking pictures of uniformed officials or government buildings, such as police stations and military installations. It is common courtesy to ask permission (Did Iicenca – may I) before taking someone’s photograph. In many cases a small gift will be expected in return.