About Tofo Beach


Tofo is a great destination all year round.  Summer months are from October to March, with daily temperatures around 30°C and humidity around 80%. Rain is more likely to fall from late December, January and February, but these are mostly tropical showers that last only part of the day.  Winter months are April to September, with daily temperatures around 20-25°C and humidity is low.  June and July might experience occasionally rainfall.   February and August are windy months, so avoid them if you want to do a lot of diving or deep sea fishing.  Humpback whales usually arrive around mid-June and are here until mid-October and the Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are here all year round.

Internet cafes are in Tofo and Inhambane and Wi-Fi is available, mostly at the restaurants and chill out places. Public transport by bus and taxi commuting between Tofo and Inhambane and also to and from the Inhambane Airport.  Banks are in Inhambane and at the petrol station about 4km from Tofo, where you can withdraw money and exchange your currency to Meticais. The petrol station also has a convenience shop and a bakery.

Tofinho, less than a kilometre south, is situated on a more exposed and rocky headland. The waves at Tofinho are known for very good surfing and Tofinho beach is a popular surfing spot. Most of the accommodation in Tofinho is on the top of a dune and you can experience amazing views of the ocean, watching the whales, and the dolphins playing in the sea. The headland is also a favourite spot for fishermen when a high tide covers the shelf, allowing casting for the plentiful kingfish into the deep waters beyond. Tofinho is also the site of the Frelimo Monument to Fallen Heroes, near to where unfortunate victims of the colonial period were thrown into a sea cave, to be drowned by the rising tide. A spectacular blow hole near the tip of the point can give a raw display of power, when there is a large swell running.

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