Diving And Fishing



The warm, clear waters and abundance of sea life that inhabit the coral reefs make this Inhambane coastal area a paradise for divers. There are a great variety of diving reefs including the well-known Manta Reef. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the best-developed activities in Tofo and 4 diving schools in Tofo specializing in showing you the best of the ocean. The turquoise waters hold a vast number of game and tropical fish species as well as a variety of beautiful corals and rare marine creatures including dugongs, whale sharks, and turtles.

Conditions compare favourably with those of the Caribbean or Great Barrier Reef but are far less crowded and not nearly as commercialized. Water temperatures range from 24°C (in mid-winter) to 31°C. Visibility is generally between 5 and 35 meters with 15 meters being the year-round average. Gin-clear conditions occur frequently, both along the coast and around the islands.


The Mozambique coastline is renowned for its offshore game fishing and Tofo is at the heart of the action. The pristine, blue waters abound with king mackerel (baracouta), dorado, wahoo, various species of kingfish, bonito and yellow-fin tuna. The sailfish season peaks from June to August. Boats can be launched or chartered from Tofo beach. Summer is the best time if it is marlin you are after. Catch and release of all fish that will not form part of the evening meal is encouraged, as is protection of all other natural resources and the environment.

Launch sites are carefully designated and vehicle access to beaches is strictly controlled. Angling from the shore can also be most productive. Small kingfish (2 to 3 kg) can be found from the rocks off Tofinho, particularly towards high tide, and at deep water spots anything can happen (Adrie Prinsloo of Glass fit Witbank holds the Tofinho record of 48 kg for a Kingfish caught off the rocks at Tofinho). Kingfish, stump nose and pompano are taken from the sandy beaches between Tofo and Tofinho. Salt water fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular, particularly off the sandbars at Tofo point.

Fishing Regulations

A permit, obtainable at the Maritime office in Inhambane, or at some lodges, is required for launching boats. A spear fishing license must be obtained from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism in Maputo. Fish may not be sold for commercial purposes and there are limits (6kg, but not more than 4kg of a particular species) to what bona fide fishermen and spear fishermen can take out of the country.

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