Driving Tips

Check whether your insurance covers you whilst driving in Mozambique. Always keep the following documents handy: passport, driver’s license, original vehicle registration papers, third party insurance certificate and temporary import permits — you may be asked to present them at various control points. It is obligatory to wear seat-belts at all times. Obey all the speed limits, normally 100 km/h on the EN1, 80 km/h on approaching villages and towns and down to 60 km/h or even 40 km/h as one drives through them. All motorists must carry a set of standard red emergency triangles and a fluorescent vest, which can be obtained from any AA outlet. If you are towing, two triangles must be displayed, one on the front of the car and one on the rear of the trailer.

Traffic police, who wear navy and white, will only stop you for traffic violations. The civil police, who wear grey and white, usually ask to inspect your documents. If you are stopped by the police remember that politeness and a little patience go a long way. Always ask for a receipt if you have to pay a fine, for any traffic offence. Be particularly careful for  pedestrians, especially when approaching stopped buses or heavy vehicles. Avoid driving at night, when animals, unmarked road repairs and vehicles without lights, are added dangers. Petrol (gasolina) and diesel (gasoleo) are freely available, but unleaded petrol is only sold in Maputo, Xai Xai, Maxixe and Inhambane. Petrol stations are generally open from about 06:00 to about 18:00.

Avoid asking for ‘petrol’ which could be mistaken for paraffin, known in Portuguese as petroleo. The basic spares for vehicles are extremely difficult to obtain. Make sure that your vehicle is 100 % roadworthy before departure. If you happen to be involved in an accident, you will be required to present your third party insurance, drivers’ license and vehicle papers. You must contact the third party insurance company immediately and will also be required to make a statement at the nearest police station. Driving on the beaches and driving without a shirt on, is illegal.


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