Currency And Public Hollidays

The Mozambican unit of currency is the Metical, always used in the plural form of Meticais (pronouncedMeti-ca-ish). Notes are available in denominations of
10 MT, 50 MT, 100 MT and 200 MT. In Southern Mozambique, including the province of Inhambane, one can pay for large items in US $ or South African Rands, but it is better to purchase fuel and small items in Meticais, so change some money at the bank / at the border post. Please present your passport when changing money at a bank. Banks in the main towns will also exchange Rands or Dollars and travellers’ cheques. You will be required to show the original purchase receipt (not a copy), if you wish to change a travellers’ cheque. Use of credit cards is extremely limited, although they can be used in ATM’s which support them, e.g. VISA / MasterCard. Banks are open Monday to Friday from 07:45 to 11:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00.

1 January New Year’s Day
3 FebruaryHeroes' Day
7 April Women’s Day
I MayWorkers’ Day
25 June Independence Day
12 August Inhambane Day
7 SeptemberVictory Day
25 SeptemberArmed Forces’ Day
25 DecemberFamily/Christmas Day



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